Core Values


  1. We are called to be an Apostolic people!

    Restoration Christian Fellowship is first an apostolic “church of the city” with an International
    Equipping Ministry declaring the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. By precept and lifestyle, we are
    strongly committed the restoration of Apostolic Christianity and apostolic church planting. We
    recognize that early church was an apostolic church committed to “the apostles’ doctrine”, with an
    apostolic governmental structure, vision and mandate to fulfil the Great Commission and thus fill the
    earth with the glory of God! God is presently restoring the apostolic foundations of His church and
    we are radically committed to His apostolic purposes in the earth.
  2. We are called to be a Restorative People!

    We are called by Him to reach a lost world with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. As such we
    purpose to be a restorative, redemptive, forgiving, healing community – full of the grace, mercy and
    love of God. Our burden is His burden – a heart for the lost, the sinful, the broken, the fallen, the
    down trodden; those in debt, despair, and distress in all nations of the earth.
    Therefore we share His vision for the unity of Jesus’ broken Body, His divided Church. We will not
    contribute to division; we will, by His grace, contribute to unity among His people!
  3. We are called to be a Kingdom people!

    The Kingdom or government of God is the gathering of redeemed communities and nations under
    one Head or rulership, Jesus Christ. This Kingdom is visible and invisible, being a present reality
    and is ever expanding until it fills the entire earth and all creation.
    We the church are to be the vehicle through which God ministers His life and love to many of the
    spiritual, social and economic ills of society. Therefore we must be salt to the political, educational,
    economical, arts and religious sectors of our communities.
  4. We are called to be an Equipping People!

    We are committed to seeing every member of His Body discover their PURPOSE in this life, both
    naturally and spiritually and empower them to fulfil that calling. As such we are a church of
    participators, and not spectators. We will therefore employ and implement God’s 5-fold strategy for
    us as a church; to be apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching, equipping each for
    their purpose and work service, thus realesaing the gifts and graces of each and every member of
    the Body ! (Ephesians 4:11-16)
  5. We are called to be a Prosperous People!

    It is the will of God that we prosper and be in health, even as our soul prospers. We are committed
    to declaring the Restoration of Wholeness, i.e. the Kingdom of God ministers to the needs of the
    total man —spirit, soul and body. Therefore we will boldly teach and practice Biblical Economics
    and all aspects of Prosperity and Success. It is our biblical mandate to economically empower
    individuals, families and households and churches so that we can take dominion over cities and
    nations for the Kingdom of God.
    As such, RCF is a distribution center for the Kingdom of God. Therefore we are committed to
    sowing into other ministries, churches and missions. Hence, the “tithe of the tithes” and offerings
    will be sowed into the world’s harvest fields.

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